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How to Make Your Dreams of Travelling Come True

You're closer than you think to living the dreamy life of a world traveller. With these simple 

steps, you could be on a plane to paradise by the end of the year. 

Book Your Flight Early

It sounds simple, but most people don’t want to book a flight until they know they have 

enough savings to travel. Those people may never travel, so don’t be like them.  

First, look at your potential to save. If you can put away $100-400 a month, you're next 

adventure is just around the corner. If you can save $100 a month, then book your flight a 

year in advance. That will give you enough time to save up $1200, which could take you a 

long way if you play your cards right.    

Travel Cheap

If you really want to see the world, but can’t save a ton of money, don’t worry. Lots of 

people have travelled the world with almost no money. Search for cheap countries 

where you get a good exchange rate for your money. Cheap countries to travel to 

include India, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand, Guatemala and many 


Extend Your Trip 

The most expensive part of travelling is paying for your flights. Once you make it 

somewhere cheap, it is easy to find accommodation for ten or twenty dollars a night if 

you go to a cheaper country. If you get an apartment instead of short term 

accommodation, you may even pay what the locals pay.


There are many great places to volunteer all around the world, from surf camps to animal 

sanctuaries. I have used the website workaway.org to find work while on the road. For only 

a few hours of work a day, you can extend how long you travel from only a few weeks, to 


Work For Accommodation

Many hostels offer free accommodation for only a few hours of work a day. It is a great way 

to see the world without a full bank account.

Ask For An Extended Leave Of Absence From Work

If you have a good employer and you work hard for them, they should understand that you 

have dreams. Travelling is a once and a lifetime opportunity and if you don’t do it when 

your young, it may never happen.

Don’t Wait Until You Retire

Have you ever imagined your grandparents packing up their bags and travelling the world 

when they are 65? Well don’t think that you are going to start backpacking at that age 

either. Make it happen when you are young and fit so you can take advantage of all the 

world has to offer. With that being said, remember that age is only a number and that it is 

never to late. I met an eighty-year-old Chinese lady in Nicaragua who was backpacking the 

world on her own and having a blast hanging out with all the young travellers.