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Welcome To The Hitchhiker Man Blog

Hi, I am Matt, the author of The Hitchhiker Man, a world traveller and the creator of this

blog. If you have dreams of travelling the world, but haven't left yet, I hope that this blog

will help you find some of the beautiful destinations this world has to offer. As well I will be

posting travel tips, advice and great places to go.

My life of travelling began over ten years ago when I was 23. I had just graduated from 

university when one of my friend's asked if I wanted to hitchhike across Canada with 

him. With no experience travelling and almost no money to our names we headed west 

towards the mountains of British Colombia. Almost as soon as I had left I knew my life 

had changed forever. 

That winter I lived in the mountains of Whistler where I spent my days skiing soft powder in 

a place so beautiful I wouldn't have believed it existed if I hadn't gone there myself. From 

that winter onwards I decided to only live where I wanted to go on vacation. I took up a life 

as a surfer and a writer in Australia and have been travelling and writing ever since.

I hope that some of my tips and advice from my experience travelling can help you along

your journey as a traveller.

Thanks for reading.