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Hang Gliding in Byron Bay

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to soar like an eagle? It is a thought most 

people have in their lifetime but up until today, it had just been a dream.

We jumped off the ledge into the gusting wind and for a second I felt weightless. Seconds 

later the updraft pushed air against the wings of the glider and I felt like a bird flying.

Below us, tourists were suntanning in the corner of tallow beach just below the famous 

Byron Bay lighthouse

We floated through the air while calmly observing our surroundings just like a bird of 

prey looking for its next meal.  

There are a few different companies that offer hang gliding near Byron Bay and they can 

be booked for tandem flights most days, weather permitting. We went up with Byron 

Airwaves Flying School who were professional, friendly, and landed us softly on the white 

sand beach. 

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