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11 Travel Tips For The Everyday Traveller

Book A Flight

Don't wait, just book your flight. Most people dream of seeing mountain peaks and crystal 

clear blue water in their lifetime, but the only ones that do book the flight. Once you have 

booked the flight, you get to dream of your vacation until you fly away. 

Take Anything You Don’t Want to Lose Inside Your Carry-on Bag

The last thing you want is to be stranded in a new country without a fresh pair of clothes to 

wear. I always bring my computer, camera gear, and a few pairs of clothes with me in my 

carry-on bag. That way if my checked bag is lost, I let the airport deal with it, while I am off 

having fun without a worry on my mind.

Make Sure You Pre-Book Any Checked Luggage

Airports charge upwards of twenty dollars per kg for luggage that isn’t pre-booked. Just last 

week I met a guy that had to pay a thousand dollars for his luggage because he booked his 

flights but forgot to book his luggage.

Check Which Fees Your Bank Charges for Using Cards Overseas

You could end up getting charged twenty dollars per transaction overseas. Make sure you 

know what fees each one of your cards charge before you go. Some banks even have 

travel money cards that don’t charge fees for overseas transactions.

Make Sure You Have More Than Six Months Left on Your Passport

Many countries won’t let you in if your passport is due to expire in the near future. Be sure 

to check ahead of time so you can get a new passport long before your date of departure.

Ensure You Have The Relevant Travel Visas To Get Into Your Destination.

Just because you bought the ticket doesn’t mean they will let you on the flight. Many 

countries require you to ask them permission to enter the country before you go there. The 

document you fill out to ask them beforehand is called a travel visa.

Pack Light

The more you bring on your trip, the more you will have to carry around. If you can’t walk 

around for ten minutes in your house with all your luggage, you probably aren’t going to 

want to walk with it for half an hour through the airport.

Bring A Book

If you like to read, it is always good to bring a book or e-reader with you. A lot of travel 

destinations around the world do not have books in the language you speak.

Turn Roaming Off On Your Phone

If you have a phone plan, it is best to turn roaming off before you leave. Some companies 

charge a dollar a minute for overseas roaming. Many people get home without realising 

they are being charged until a massive bill arrives in the mail.

Buy Travel Insurance

If you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel, it is as simple as that. For as 

little as $100, you could be protected from almost anything overseas. You're going to be 

taking chances and trying new things, it is best to know that if something goes wrong you 

are covered. 

Most Importantly Have Fun!

Remember that other countries do things differently than yours. You are going away for a 

more relaxed pace of life, so remember that some cultures do things a lot slower than 

yours. So idinner takes an hour to arrive, just relax and enjoy where you are on your