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The Hitchhiker Man Book

When you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone, the 
world awaits. In 2007, Matt Fox—a recent graduate who 
studied strategic decision-making in university—found himself alone on the side of a highway with no plan other than to see where his thumb and the road would take him. For the next two years, he would travel across Canada to Alaska and back, experiencing life in a way most people never will…a life beyond his comfort zone. Along the way, he encounters adventures he never imagined—sleeping under the stars, sneaking into drug-fueled music festivals, and working at ski resorts and local farms to earn enough for his next meal. He also confronts danger—and his own mortality—from a life-threatening injury in Whistler, to a confessed murderer in Banff, to a hungry grizzly in Alaska. But most importantly, Fox learns that life isn’t about getting to the destination, but enjoying each moment along the way. From feeling like an invisible outcast on day one to a man comfortable in his own skin no matter the circumstance, The Hitchhiker Man is the unforgettable story of how one man got lost on the road, and ultimately found himself.

This is my book The Hitchhiker Man. It is available through amazon.com if you click on the book or on most online book retailers. 

Mountain Photo: Martin Kutler