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Ten Tips For Hitchhiking Safely

Hitchhiking is not the safest way to travel. So if you must go, it is a good idea to take a few 

precautions so here are a few tips to help you on your adventure.

Use Your Instinct

If you have a bad feeling, don’t get in the car. It only takes a second to realise that 

something does not feel right. Look at how the driver is acting, do they seem agitated? Are 

they un-able to make eye contact? Do they want you to get in quickly? Are they willing to 

answer a few questions?

Always Ask Where The Driver Is Going

After asking where the car is going, introduce yourself and shake hands. It buys you some 

more time to have an interaction with the person which can give you valuable information 

that can help you decide if it is safe to get in the car. 

Don’t Hitchhike Alone

It is easier for two people to get out of trouble than just one, with two people

one of you might be able to get away to call for help. But if you get in someone’s car alone, 

it is easy to disappear without a trace.

Don't Eat Or Drink Food From A Stranger

It sounds like something from the movies, but where do you think the movies get 

their idea's from. Don't take chances where you don't have to. Bring your own food and 

water with you wherever you go.

Be Wary About Staying With Strangers

This is a rule that is easily broken when you are in the middle of nowhere, but beware, it is 

an easy way to disappear. Only stay with those that you are sure you can trust. If you do 

choose to stay with a stranger, let someone you know exactly where you are going to be 

staying and with whom.

Use Technology To Your Advantage

It only takes a second to get a picture of someone's license plate. If you send the picture to 

someone who is keeping tabs on you, it might help get you out of a bad situation. 

Consider The Weather

The cold is something to be concerned about, especially in the winter when some people 

that sleep outside freeze to death.  If the temperature is dropping be prepared for cold 

nights when you are stuck on the side of the road.

Be careful

If you don’t know already, there are a lot of creeps out there so it is good to take extra 

precautions if this is the lifestyle you're choosing. Learn self-defence, bring pepper spray or 

carry a GPS that a friend can track. Many hitchhikers disappear and are never heard from 

again. If you take a ride but feel something is wrong, ask them to stop and let you out, 

regardless of where you are. If they don’t stop or refuse for a reason they won’t explain, do 

what you must to get away. You may only have one chance to escape so call the police, 

pull the handbrake, smash the windows or wave down a passing car. 

Prepare For Wild Animals

You don't want to realise your unprepared when a hungry bear starts circling your tent. 

Trust me, I learned the hard way. So get some bear spray and learn about being bear 

smart if you are going to camp in bear country.

Photo By: Matteo Paganelli