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What Should You Pack for Your Travels?

First, I find it best to make a list of everything that you think you are going to need. Then 

when the time comes to actually pack your bag, you can get rid of the things that are less 

important if they don’t fit. Be sure to consider how far you are going to have to walk with 

your luggage before choosing how much you are going to take. A heavy bag can be 

unpleasant to carry long distances.


Always check the weather before you go anywhere and then pack accordingly. Here are the 

basic clothes you will probably need to pack.

Shorts, pants, shirts, shoes, sandals, socks, undergarments, swimsuit, 

sweater, coat, hat, sunglasses.  


Pack everything that you use on a daily basis. They don’t sell everything overseas, so if you 

think something is essential be sure to bring it with you.

Toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, soap, nail clippers, tweezers, medication, 

sunscreen, zinc, moisturiser, razor, lip balm.   

Some Essentials You May Need

Towel, book, camera, sports equipment, pillow for plane, headphones for plane, 

electrical outlet converter(if going overseas), phone charger, computer, empty bag

(for day trips), dry bag(if taking boat trips).

What Size Suitcase Should You Take?

To keep your bags light you should try to take the minimum amount of stuff that you think 

you are going to need on your trip. I travel with one 38 litre backpack, and one small 

backpack. Once I am in my accommodation I unpack the small bag and use it for day trips.  

How To Prevent Your Airline From Losing Your Bags

Although you may not be able to stop your bag from disappearing on a flight, you can pack 

so that a missing bag won’t ruin your trip. Before my flight I put everything important in my 

38-litre carry-on bag including most of my clothes, my computer, my camera, any necessary

medication and a book to read. That way if my checked bag get's lost it won't affect my 

travel plans.  


Before you go on your trip be sure to ask your doctor if you need any special vaccinations 

for the countries you plan to visit. The shots might include an up to date tetanus shot, 

hepatitis shots and many others that may be region-specific.  Some shots don’t start 

working for a few weeks, so it is always a good idea to talk to your doctor ahead of time.

Expert Tip

Make sure that you book your luggage onto your flight before you get to the airport. If you 

have more than you expected, make sure you add it online before you go. Otherwise you 

can be charged upwards of $20 a kg at the airport. 

Good luck!

Top Photo By: Anete Lusina