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Ten Ways To Get More Rides When Hitchhiking

Hitchhiking is always more fun when you are getting rides that are taking you to the places 

you want to go. So here are some foolproof ways to get rides quicker, that way you can 

spend your days where you want to be.

Make Sure There Is Plenty Of Room For A Car To Pull Over

Making sure there is enough room for a car to slow down and pull over safely is essential. 

The easier you make it for the driver, the higher the chance of getting a ride.  

Don’t Wait On A Hill

Don't expect a car to slam on the brakes just to pick you up on the way down a hill. Nobody 

wants to lose their momentum on the way up. 

Don’t Stand On A Bend In The Road

If there is a bend in the road drivers won't see you until the last moment. They also won't 

have enough time to decide if they are going to pick you up. It is best if drivers can see you 

from far away so they can make a decision with plenty of time to safely pull over.

Bring your guitar

Musicians seem to pick up musicians more often than not. My guitar got me countless rides 

and places to stay. It’s worth a try if you play guitar.

Make A Sign

When people can where you are going it is easy for them to decide if they should take you. 

If you are both headed to the same place they are more likely to pull over knowing they 

won’t be wasting their time by stopping.

Look Clean

Wear your cleanest clothes while hitchhiking. You're more likely to get a long ride if you 

have good hygiene. If you can’t afford a shower, take a swim in a lake or river. 


Nothing says pick me up more than a big smile. It makes people want to be around you. 

Drivers are more likely to take a chance if they see a big smile. It makes them think that you 

are having fun and they will want to know your stories. 

Hitchhike In Zones That Have Low Speed Limits

The slower the car is going, the easier it is for them to pull over. Wait just before or after an 

intersection. If you are on a highway wait at the beginning of the on-ramp. That way the 

driver has time to assess the situation and make a decision while you are still in view. 

Don’t Walk 

If you are walking, people immediately assume that you are going to get where you want to 

go eventually. By waiting in one spot drivers become aware that without a ride you are not 

going anywhere. Which might make them more likely to pull over, aware that a ride is your 

only way of getting somewhere.

Ask A Trucker

If can't get a ride and need to travel a long distance, ask a trucker. Some of them like 

having someone along for the ride. They are a great way to cover many miles quickly.